Material development

from idea to product

Polymer development

High performance of systems and components requires high-performance material. If standard-materials do not meet your demands, we develop special components with the required individual service features:

  • Extension of life-duration of plastics
  • Minimization of friction wear
  • Increase of mechanical strength
  • Electrical/thermal conductivity of polymer components
  • Surface-modification

Functional additives

Phi-Stone AG produces special additives, which are distributed under the protected trademark CSP (Core Spike Particles).

Our particles have special features and are utilized within the field of polymer development and medical applications.

Surface structuring

The essential challenge within plastic-metal-junctions is depicted by the interface which in principle inhibits the formation of strong bonding. With our novel surface-structuring method, we are able to increase the mechanical stability of these junctions many times by mechanical interlocking.


We offer: 

  • Surface-structuring of many metals and alloys
  • High-strength polymer-metal linking
  • High strength metal-metal bonding (without thermal energy input!)