Flexible solar cells

Project RollFlex

Energy-efficient solutions require new technologies because of limited resources in a globalized world. This forces a radical rethinking of energy production and consumption.

In this context, components made of organic materials such as e.g. solar cells and LEDs have an important potential. They have completely new properties compared to those available today: mechanical flexibility, lightweight, low cost and semi-transparency. All this opens new possibilities for the integration in e.g. smart windows or wearable computing (portable computer system attached to the body during user application).


In order to exploit the great market potential for sustainable energy solutions, the innovation project center (RollFlex) for the production of flexible LEDs and solar cells is established in close cooperation between MCI (Mads Clausen Institute), CAU (Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel), Stensborg A/S and Phi-Stone AG.

This centre is based on a production facility for R2R print at the MCI, an encapsulation facility for OPV or OLED at Phi-Stone AG, a facility for R2R Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) at Stensborg A/S as well as at the Kieler Nanolabor at CAU. On the one hand, RollFlex unites industry and universities through joint development and innovation projects and, on the other hand, the regions beyond their national borders.


This combination of competences within organic energy technology at the MCI and at CAU together with the competences within a large scale R2R print development at Stensborg A/S and Phi-Stone AG constitute the advantage of RollFlex.

In collaboration with a large number of relevant Danish and German network partner we seek to map the entire innovation circle from idea generation to preproduction and by this create a strong, high technological and academic-industrial centre that will exist beyond the project life time. Moreover, the high innovation level will create a strong interdisciplinarity in the project, which will make the centre attractive for a number of further cooperation partners


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