Research and technology transfer

between basic research and application


  • Nanoscale Sculpturing
  • several research projects

Running projects

RollFlex - PolyTitan - COC

RollFlex - Flexible solar cells

The Innovation project centre RollFlex is to contribute to the use of the large market potential for sustainable energy solutions by establishing the production of flexible solar cells and LEDs in close collaboration between the Mads Clausen Institute of University of Southern Denmark, the Kieler Nanolabor of Kiel University, Stensborg A/S and Phi-Stone AG.

Coatability of a titanium surface with polymer, left: untreated titanium surface, right: etched titanium

PolyTitan - polymer-titanium joint

The combination of titanium and plastics is increasingly important in the industrial market, e.g. in medical technology implants are coated with silicones and in aviation the adhesive joint of titanium components plays a major role. However the area of application is limited due to the weak bonding between titanium and plastics, which results from the inert titanium surface. Especially in medical technology the peeling off of the polymer coating poses a risk to the patient.

Therefore, the development of a partly automated etching process to modify the titanium surface leading to high-strength titanium-polymer joints, is the essential part of this project.

COC - Cleaner Ocean Coatings

The growth of barnacles etc. on ship hulls is widely known as fouling and brings along several economic and ecologic drawbacks within the marine industry. In order to prevent fouling, hulls are usually protected by so-called antifouling-coatings. These paintings rely on the continuous release of toxic elements (biocides) which kill attached organisms. As these substances have an enormous impact on the ecosystem, most of them will be banned by 2019 when the new EU-biocide regulation will become valid. The development of effective alternative coatings without biocides depicts therefore a very important research topic.

Aim of the project COC is therefore the development of an alternative biocide free coating as well as the implementation of an adapted and partially automated application-technique.

Completed projects

DKL-WEA - Nanomet

Rotor blade coating DKL-WEA

Nowadays, renewable energy sources like wind, solar or hydro energy open alternative approaches in order to cover the further increasing energy demand of the global population. In this context, particularly wind energy plays a major role - especially the amount of offshore plants will increase. However, even for minor repair works a tremendous amount of logistics and costs have to be taken into account.

Goal of this project: The development of a durable and long-term stable rotor blade coating resulting in reduced maintenance costs by increased lifetime.

NanoMet - electromagnetic shielding foil

The project NanoMet contained the development of a shielding foil for electromagnetic waves of a defined frequency for the protection of data carriers. The foil can be further processed into a protective cover for RFID bank cards, credit or chip cards. It prevents unauthorized reading as well as damage of the cards due to electromagnetic influences. If a self-adhesive carrier foil is used, additional applications arise.

Furthermore, a flexible and weldable flame retardant foil was developed.