Tetrapodal  zinc oxide - our brand CSP®

The functional microstructures are produced under the trademark CSP® (Core Spike Particles) and can be used in a large field of application:

  • medical application (antiviral properties)
  • to reinforce polymers and to cause higher mechanical stability
  • as scattering particles

Coating: Product-line Polyramik


The product-line 'Polyramik' was developed for the underwater area of ships to manage the individual problems occuring on ship-hulls like

  • osmosis
  • corrosion
  • fouling

All products consist of premium, durable plastics in combination with innovative ceramic additives to obtain the necessary mechanical stability.


The products of the line 'Polyramik' are available in different colors:

Suitable for all boat-types and waters.

  • Osmosis - Polyramik OS

If a GFC-ship hull is insufficiently protected against penetrating water, osmosis can take place. The result involves bubble- and crack-formation and can cause severe damages to the ship. The product 'Polyramik OS' forms a mechanically durable and impermeable protection which prevents the penetration of water.

  • Galvanic Corrosion - Polyramik GS

Contact corrosion is a well-known and widespread problem within ship industry, as freestanding metal parts are prone to corrosion, especially in saltwater. Our product 'Polyramik GS' provides a complete isolating coating, which protects freestanding metal parts.

  • Fouling - Polyramik EC

Surfaces which are immersed in waters are overgrown with organisms. In order to prevent this 'fouling', ship-hulls are usually coated by biocide-containing antifouling paints which have to be renewed at least every second year. The product 'Polyramik EC' provides a biocide-free coating with high mechanical stability. The surface is extremely smooth, which impedes growth and facilitates cleaning. At the same time, maintenance-intervalls decrease as the coating is durable for several years.