Origination and Development

our path to the future

2012: Foundation of the research and development GmbH

A cooperation agreement with Kiel University enables the possibility to participate in scientific projects and to utilize the results. Hereby, a new model for a technology transfer based company is born.

Renaming to FUMT R&D GmbH and increase of the scientific team.

2014: Move to Kiel

2015: FUMT R&D develops the first prototype for an industrial company. It became obvious, that partners from plant engineering and construction needed to be involved.

This demand was fulfilled in a cooperation with Teyfel-Automation GmbH, an expert in process engineering and plant construction. A cooperation with an experienced process developer, the FPT-Fluid- und Prozesstechnik GmbH was founded. In addition, a technical center for application testing was established in Schwerin.

2017: Additionally highly interesting projects with high growth potential are on the way. It is time to adapt the company financially and structurally towards this growth.

Accompany us - the Phi-Stone AG - on our way towards the future.


wissenschaftliche Leitung der Phi-Stone AG,  Standort, Kaiserstraße 2, 24143 Kiel

Main office and scientific organisation
Faculty of Engineering CAU Kiel
Kaiserstraße 2

24143 Kiel


Produktion GMP der Phi-Stone AG,  Standort, Dorfstraße 2, 24247 Mielkendorf

Production GMP & techn. CSP and administration
Dorfstraße 2

24247 Mielkendorf/Kiel


Phi-Stone China Co., Ltd
Sci-Tech Road No. 1

Jimo District

266237 Qingdao