Phi-Stone AG

A powerful and dedicated team of scientists and engineers pinpoints new tasks related to materials science, has solutions and develops key technologies for an efficient future.

The Phi-Stone AG with three locations in and around the city of Kiel works in close contact to Kiel University and conducts active technology-transfer. Here, scientific results are adapted and further developed towards scalability of new solutions and products which enables the transfer from innovative materials and processes from the beaker into economy. In this context, functional nano- and microstructures are developed in close cooperation to Kiel University. These particles are produced under the trademark CSP and they are under continuous development.

The spectrum of our areas of interest is remarkably broad and ever increasing.

Next to scientific consultation, our main competences can be found in the field of process- and product-development. Here, we focus on individual solutions for each customer in order to find targeted and efficient solutions.

Our current focus is set to development of polymer-composites, e.g. as coatings for maritime applications, as well as to the development of special bonding-technology for high performance metal alloys based on aluminum and titanium.

Moreover, for 2018 we plan the initial manufacturing of our tetrapodal zinc oxide-particles additive in medical applications according to GMP and ISO standards.

Our services